5 reasons for hiring a Credit Repair company

1. Expert Knowledge
A professional credit repair service is familiar with all laws which govern the credit industry, including the FCRA, FACTA, FDCPA and even the HIPPA laws which regulate medical bills. This means that you have an expert with intricate knowledge of the credit repair process on your side. On the other hand, you may not be familiar with all of these laws and may inadvertently do something which may hurt your credit rating and lower your credit scores.

2. Identity Theft
The fastest growing crime in America for an astounding 8 straight years impact every impact of your life.  If someone stole your identity, there’s probably a lot of damage done than what’s on the surface.  The process to recover from identity theft and clear up your identity is a very time consuming, tedious, and difficult process. By hiring a professional credit repair company, you will likely see faster results without any of the aggravation which is usually involved in this process.

3. Errors on Your Credit Report
According to a recent study, over 79% of credit reports contain errors, that’s almost 4 out of 5 reports. If you find that you have inaccurate information reporting on your credit report, a professional credit repair service can help you fix your credit fast.

4. It’s a Lengthy Process
Creditors, collection agencies, and credit bureaus use every loophole available to them to make sure that fixing your credit won’t be a fast process. They know that most consumers get discouraged and give up quite easily when faced with a long tedious process and some strongly worded legal letters.  By hiring a professional to help you repair your credit, you are retaining the services of a professional who will make sure that your credit is fixed in a legal and timely matter.

5. No Emotional Connection
Emotion is not your friend when dealing with financial or legal issues. Frustration can quickly turn into anger which creditors and collection agencies use to get consumers to inadvertently verify their debt, and this can harm you in the long run. A credit repair company which fixes bad credit doesn’t have any emotional attachment to your case, so they can perform credit repair with a cool head and without letting emotions get in the way

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