Just two accidents can double car insurance costs

Extra vigilance on the UK’s roads during the winter is being advised as research highlights that just two accidents can double the cost of the average car insurance premium.
Confused.com’s motoring experts analysed hundreds of motor insurance quotes before any accidents were recorded and again after two accidents had been reported, finding increases of over 200 per cent in many instances.

“When you consider the average premium in  was £400 that’s a lot of money to lose and let’s face it, there are far better things you could be spending it on,” says Will Thomas, the comparison site’s motoring specialist. “In a year when we expect premiums to rise anyway, ensuring you shop around and don’t just accept your renewal will absolutely help.”

As well as shopping around for the best car insurance policy, he recommends that motorists avoid hitting the road in bad weather unless they “absolutely have to”, refrain from braking sharply on icy roads, approach corners at lower speeds and apply their brake gently and for longer when decelerating.

If flood conditions are encountered, his advice is to take puddles slowly and avoid them altogether if you’re unsure how deep they are

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