How to obtain the perfect 850 score

Your payment history makes up about 35% of your overall credit score. This is the biggest chunk of your credit score. So, it is a very important part. If you want a high credit score, make sure that you always make your payments on time. If you are shooting for a credit score of 800 or above, you can’t have any late payments in the last 4 years.
Trying to achieve that perfect score of 850? Don’t have any late payments in the past 7 years.
30% of your credit score is accounted by how much of your credit you are using up compared to how much is available to you. This is called your utilization rate… meaning how much of your available credit you are utilizing, and is reported as a percentage value (what percent of your available credit you are using).
If you’re working towards a perfect credit score, you will need to have a utilization rate of around 10% or less.
3. Establish a long credit history.
The length of your credit history accounts for 15% of your credit score. So, work to establish long-standing credit accounts. For the perfect credit score, you will need to have very old credit accounts, with upwards of 15-20 years history on them.
To be able to achieve a perfect credit score, you cannot constantly apply for new lines of credit. You need to prove that you are consistent and level-headed when it comes to your credit, and that you are not desperate. New inquiries account for 10% of your score. Thus, you will not be able to get to the perfect 850 credit score with many inquiries showing up.
For the perfect credit score, you will not want to have any more than 2 inquiries in the past two years.
People with good credit diversify the types of credit that they are using. They diversify between credit cards, mortgages, installment accounts, etc. They don’t use up all of the credit that is available to them (see #2), but they have several different types of open accounts, that they keep up good payment histories with.
For a perfect score, people will generally have a very diversified amount of credit accounts, generally around half a dozen, and they always make their payments to them on time.

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