Mortgage Rate Trends – Trends show increased mortgage rates

Current interest of mortgage rate trends show that we can expect interest rates higher in the very near future. The trend rate of 10-year Treasury, which began in January, remains intact and stronger than ever. If this trend continues, we could see the 30-year fixed rate mortgage at 6% more before we know it. Obviously this is very bad news for homeowners hoping to refinance on favorable terms were.

If you were hoping that mortgage rate trend were to reverse and head down, you may have missed the train. This fund could mean that the average mortgage interest rates could double in numbers over the coming years of the head.

As the dollar falls in value, the yield increases to 10 years, causing interest rates to move higher in total. This will help keep down now, but one day, when the dollar is devalued even more, we have an inflationary period, see the mortgage rate trend contains much higher trend.

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