Now You Can Trade In-Wallet And More Features Soon

BitStar have found an easy way to solve the problem of buying and selling bits for fiat fast and reliably. Is been four months since BitStar has existed in silence which made us wonder what they were working on.   They launched the coin in the spring 2014, with not many impressive features on launch, they actually have been working hard under-the-hood to make Bitstar an unique star in the galaxy of cryptocurrencies.
They have a dedicated BitStar mining multi pool which will help the BitStar market price and aid continued distribution of bits to the miners. A few days ago the BitStar dev team released a new beta wallet that will add an important value to the crypto community.

In-Wallet P2P Fiat Exchange
The new beta wallet features has peer-to-peer exchange that will speed up the trading fiat currency for BitStar. Like I said, the wallet is still in the beta version and they need all the support to continue the wallet development because the unlined transition from fiat currency to cryptocurrency is the most essential feature.
At the moment if you want to convert fiat currency like U.S. dollars into cryptocurrency, it is not that simple, in particular for those who care about their privacy. CoinBase does offer a sort of easy way to buy bitcoins, but they also request your personal information, to connect to a bank account, not to say that you won’t have to wait some days to cash in or out.The BitStar will allow a solution in the wallet that will allow safe and anonymous exchange which will have major implications in the cryptocurrency future. It will also give BitStar a guaranteed utility and consistent market value.

You can find BitStar today trading on Bittrex and Poloniex, the coin was listed for months on Poloniex and is now trading with a volume 0.04 BTC, comparative with Bittrex where the trading volume is 0.38 BTC, where the coin has traded since the beginning of this month.
The prices for BitStar remained stable since the beginning, for a coin who offered at first very few features, this is much better than the price crashing and the coin setting off and become worthless. BitStar is not bad after all, without the peer-to-peer fiat currency conversion, being created with balanced specifications.
You can check today the BitStar prices, they are very low and the peer-to-peer exchange still works in beta. You can now check the new beta wallet.  The first investors who correctly check the viability of BitStar peer-to-peer currency exchange will have the opportunity to make serious profit.
More plans about Bitstar future ?
BitStar is a PoW/PoS hybrid coin which now is in the PoS phase of life
They have a dedicated multipool for miners which mine the most profitable coins in multiple various algorithms then converts and pays out BitStar coins. The coin had a six-week PoW scrypt phase to give users as much chance as possible to get coins. Also they are planning a shop in-wallet that will allow you to buy and sell for BitStar & anonymous transaction feature that Bitstar Development team plan to integrate in the near future . But they were very secretive about it and do not want to create unnecessary hype.
Coin Information:
   Total PoW+POS coin supply: 54.25 million. (PoW ended May 2014 at 15 million)
Check current coin supply via (Currently 15.4m)
POS interest: 35%, 25%, 10% and 1% changing annually. (35% for 1st year)
Only 4 confirmations for a transaction
80 confirmations for blocks to mature!
Very low transaction fees ( 0.001 )
NO IPO – 3% initial premine = Only 25% (400k) remaining now
   POW cutoff at 6 weeks (complete)
Yearly block count: 1049040
POS Interest:
year 1: 35%
year 2: 25%
year 3: 10%
beyond: 1%
Total amount of coins 54256119 (54.25 million) –  Currently 15.4m in circulation

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