Personal Articles Insurance

Personal Article Insurance is insurance that protects your “big ticket items”. While these are covered on your general homeowner’s policy, they are usually covered in smaller amounts and with certain limits. For example, on some policies, your jewelry is only covered for up to $1,000 for theft. That’s all of your jewelry not one piece!!!

Think how quickly your watches, rings, earrings, and necklaces could quickly add up to be that much! The same goes with things like your computers or cameras. And for those of you who have those hobbies, you know your stuff isn’t cheap!!!

You can also use this coverage to cover one large item. Maybe you just have a really nice engagement ring, or a specially built computer, this policy is the place to put it. You can even do your china and your collectibles!! Isn’t that awesome!!

This can be a separate policy or it can be added through an endorsement (some call them riders) to your policy. I would suggest a separate policy, but that is completely up to you!! So call one of our agents today to get this coverage started!!!

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